Dear Friends & Neighbors,

As Americans, most of us want the same thing – strong public schools that give every student the ability, and the freedom, to reach their potential. All students – Black and white, Native and newcomer, Hispanic and Asian, rural, suburban and urban alike – should have the opportunity to succeed.

Across the country, communities are coming together to support their students and educators. Their shared goal is to make sure that our schools have the necessary resources and staffing to provide students with safe, welcoming, and accepting environments, and the individualized attention that they need.

Let us work hand-in-hand to elect candidates who will endeavor to strengthen our public schools by getting our students the supports they need and the education they deserve, to ensure that they are learning the necessary skills to be successful in their careers and lives.

    • Our children deserve to learn accurate, age-appropriate lessons about America – from our greatest triumphs to our darkest moments – so that we can learn from the past and come together for a better future

    • Our children deserve to be welcomed and accepted for who they are

    • Our public-school educators are some of the most trusted and valuable people in every community. We know that to attract and retain the best talent, we need to pay our educators like the professionals they are and give them the respect they’ve earned and deserve

Let us not elect those who are trying to take away opportunities for students to learn nor those who are discriminating against some children in our community.

    • Do not let anyone drive a wedge between you and your schools – instead, stand in solidarity with our next generations and their educators

    • Do not skip the Board of Election races on the down-side of your ballot – every vote absolutely matters

Working together, we can make the best decisions for our school district, its schools, and for our students. Let's elect school board candidates who want to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive schools, who value educators and other experts, and who will work respectfully with our schools and our communities.

Learn more about BOE candidates across Washtenaw County here. Reach out directly and ask them the hard questions - if they want to represent you, they'll answer.

VOTE 2022